Julia Shu (Neometa) is a multidisciplinary artist blending art, technology, science and nature to explore the vastness of time and space through the creation of visual metaphors that extend our ways of comprehending the universe.

Neometa* derives from the binary numeral system, the synergy of human and technogenic and alludes to metamodernism. It’s the way of working with reality divided between zero and one: the art and science of combining polar opposites to reach a fragile harmony.

Julia/Neometa strives to create artworks beyond the hype that are yet relatable across the globe and contain a universal meaning. Her works are aimed at deepening our understanding of complex interconnections formed by media and society, art and technology, science and spirituality and beyond.

*neo – from Ancient Greek νέος (néos), meaning “new”, “young”.
meta – from the Greek μετά (meta), meaning "after" or “beyond", more comprehensive or transcending.

Valeria Del Vacchio,
Head Curator, Cluster London

“Your work is amazing. A synthesis of art, human and technology; art, science and nature. Neometa is shedding some new light in the world and deserves to be spread.”


Julia Shu/Neometa is a London-based multidisciplinary and multimedia artist, studying MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins, UAL. Julia works with a wide range of digital art techniques including generative art, time-based media, AI, AR and creative coding to transform it into multidimensional installations. She uses photography and automatism as her starting points in the creative process, finding inspiration in unusual angles and perspectives of everyday life and nature.

Julia/Neometa has been exhibited recently at The Cluster Contemporary Art Fair, Paris+ Art Basel: Ukrainian VR Pavilion in the Metaverse, 59th Venice Biennale: MUSA Pavilion, NEARCON 2022, The Hong Kong Heritage Museum, The European Digital Art Fair, Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum and a number of galleries in Kyiv. She has collaborated with a range of artists and musicians, galleries and creative projects, including Dubai Expo 2020, NordArt, M17 Contemporary Art Center, and Modern Art Research Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts. Neometa is represented by Cluster Contemporary London.

Neometa likes to challenge artistic norms in order to encourage her viewer to see the world outside the box, whilst remaining deeply sincere about communicating existential issues through universal symbols.