“Who can really distinguish between the sea and what’s reflected in it? Or tell the difference between the falling rain and loneliness?”

Nothing is permanent. And it’s freeing.
We are here for a short period of time, compared to the infinity of the universe.

In a world, where beauty and chaos exist side by side.
Whether it’s infinite or not… we won’t be there to see it. And that’s wonderful.

Not knowing doesn’t make me sad.
It’s exciting. Both real and not knowable.
Our thoughts are like stars in the thinkable universe. Shining in billions of digits.

We are larger than everything we’ve encountered.

Neometa is on a mission to give a greater sense of meaning and connectedness, focussing on the beauty of the moment that we have in the endless entropy of the universe. Like a feeling, we get in front of the immensity of nature. Finding balance in between…

0. Zero & One

Communicate with machines (binary code) to research and create in harmony with science and technology

1. Nothing & Everything

Explore infinity to reach a point of singularity behind the event horizon

0. Art & Science

Unlock the limitless human potential to research at the intersection of disciplines

1. Entropy & Metaphysics

Search for balance in the constant rise of chaos in energy and matter

0. Yes & No

Condition the unconditional to find reason in irrationality, questioning the principles of logic

1. Human & Machine

Teach to understand, merging machine capability and human consciousness

0. Line & Circle

Create point(s) of intersection, where a line meets a circle

1. Individual & Collective

Define a new approach to human-computer / human-human / human-other collaboration

0. Real & Imagined

Explore intriguing wonders of human perception to find pleasure in the fantastic and bring curiosity about the real

1. Happy & Sad

Experience mixed feelings that are not the same as ambivalence to inspire emotions


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