// like a dog or an alien

Kinetic Sonic Art Insallation with Arduino ++ AV performance
Nothing is permanent. And it’s freeing.
We are here for a short period of time,
compared to (the infinity of) the universe.
In a world, where beauty and chaos exist side by side.
Whether it’s infinite or not... we won’t be there to see it.
And that’s wonderful.

Not knowing doesn’t make me sad.
It’s exciting. Both real and not knowable. Pure. Innocent.
(like a dog or an alien)

in progress,
to be exhibited at Trinity Buoy Wharf, CSM MA Interim Show 2023


- out-of the-world wiggle of bandsaw blades, upcycled
- endless generative sonic & audioreactive art
- real-time interaction in response to audience’s movement
-  performance, experiment


To be continued

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