sound on/off

window(s) at my asylum, 2022
time-based media art

prolongeded derangement of the senses, 2022
time-based multimedia art | 59th Venice Biennale, MUSA pavilion

space breath, 2021
codeart series | Terra Incognita, Studio Dumbar

corrupted nature 1, 2021
time-based audioreactive art, music by LavrP | Art Seasons Verbalisation, Modern Art Research Institute

corrupted nature 2, 2021
audioreactive single cover art, music by LavrP

corrupted nature 3, 2022
audioreactive video art, music by LavrP | projection-mapping performance

growth of meanings, 2021
time-based digital collage & calligraphy | Book Arsenal, Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum Complex