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Art & Science, Central Saint Martins

︎Interdisciplinary Artist
︎New Media Researcher


Art & Science, Central Saint Martins

︎New Media Generator
︎Interdisciplinary Artist




transdisciplinary multimedia artist blending art, science, nature & technology to foster a paradigm shift towards sustainable and inclusive harmonic co-existence of all beings across spacetime.

interactive installation, multimedia art, audiovisual performance & beyond

Recent Works

Interdependence – 1

futuristic cable trees from e-waste with lights & sensors // Interactive light & sonic installation, Apr 2023
What does it take to grow a real tree? Why humanity keeps ‘growing’ endlessly the cable trees, with the wires spreading into every part of our lives?

Climate Emergency Network + Lethaby gallery, “The Green House”


Innocent // like a dog or an alien

musical creature from bandsaw blades // kinetic sonic art insallation with Arduino + AV performance, Mar 2023
Nothing is permanent. And it’s freeing. In a world, where beauty and chaos exist side by side. Not knowing doesn’t make me sad. It’s exciting. Both real and not knowable. Pure. Innocent (like a dog or an alien)

Trinity Buoy Wharf, CSM MA Interim Show 2023


Homo Ludens / AI Cogitat

creating utopia with AI // AI + generative multimedia art, Feb 2023
Utopia is a state of perfection that is hardly possible to achieve. Technology is the tool we humans use to build utopia. But is it possible to reach a harmonic co-existence of everyone? We’ve asked AI how to create utopia...

Rendering Utopias intensive course, Feminist Internet & Creative Computing Institute, UAL
Exhibited at UAL Chelsea College of Arts, ‘how to prevent an existential crisis’, curated by 22/23 MACC


Human: Outside the Box

multisensory stereotypes // multimedia installation + moving image + AR, Nov 2022-Feb 2023

Welcome to the 21st century, an era of freedom & knowledge, inequality & stereotypes; where 8 billions of individuals classify themselves based on the Greek alphabet. We are locked in a socially acceptable shape... Or perhaps, are we humans outside the box?

Exhibited at CSM Window Galleries, ‘Love & Strength: Through Community’, LGBTQ History Month, Arts SU


All Is Particles

AV performance + generative particles // multimedia installation, Dec 2022

Everything is made of particles. All is connected and infinite. We are the same as the universe, scale is the only difference. Or is there more to it? What is a particle? What are they made of? How to explain the inexplicable?

Common ground creative intervention at Lethaby Gallery, CSM
Exhibited at The New Artist | 4th Edition at Boomer Gallery, Jan 2023



moon from metal scraps + my breathing + generative art projection mapping // multimedia installation, Nov 2022
Syzygy – a straight-line configuration of three or more celestial bodies/union of opposites. 226 – Moon's closest approach to the Earth is 226 thousand miles (perigee).This multimedia art piece is a creative response to the research on the intersection of the lunar eclipse (syzygy), water (fluid generative art) and singing (my breathing).

Exhibited at CSM Annex Open Studios MA Art & Science



microscopy + AI + generative art // in progress

Finding interconnections beetween micro and macro.

Art project in progress, in collaboration with Shem Johnson, CSM Grow lab

Slightly Elev8ed

microscopic bacteria scan + generative art // interactive audiovisual installation, Oct 2022

Feeling slightly elevated?

in collaboration with Guski, CSM Annex Open Studios

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